All Star Saturday Night Recap

Tonight we will see the All Star game but last night was a big night, too. Last night was the Skills, Three Point and Dunk Contest. If you missed out don’t worry that’s why I’m here. Now usually I’m pretty good at predicting the winners of these sort of things, last night I was not. I had Isaiah Thomas, Klay Thompson and DeAndre Jordan winning, respectively. None of them even made it to the finals of their competitions.

Lets start with the Skills Challenge, I really like the format they’ve been doing Guards vs. Bigs. I think the only reason I like it is because the Bigs keep winning, last year KAT won it this year Godzingas won. It used to be guard dominated but this event alone shows the progression of the NBA, we have seven footers racing up and down the court and hitting a three to end it. Who would of expected that twenty years ago. I’ve always loved the Skills Challenge but I would like to see them lengthen it a little bit. All in all a good event.

This happens every year to me, I’m not too excited for the Three Point Contest and then it starts and I’m hooked. Klay Thompson won it last year and like I said before didn’t make it into the finals. He didn’t get killed but still, Klay you let me down man. Skipping to the finals we saw Kemba Walker vs. Kyrie Irving vs. Eric Gordon. Before the contest started if Klay didn’t win I thought Kyrie would, after seeing Gordons first round it was clear who was taking home the trophy. I love me some Kemba but who really thought he was going to win? It ended up going to OT Kyrie vs. Eric and Eric Gordon beat Kyrie with a full rack left to shoot. Very fitting that a Houston Rocket won since all they seem to do is shoot threes.

Here we are folks, the main event. The most underwhelming event in all of sports, the NBA Dunk Contest. I’ll be the first to admit the Dunk Contest is the hardest event out of the three. Not only do you have to impress 5 legends who are judging you and all of America but you also have to be creative and innovative. Back in the good old days we had Kobe winning by doing a simple between the legs and we were all impressed. Nowadays guys are doing more impressive dunks in game. Glen Robinson won it and honestly he was good. Other then Aaron Gordon missing a total of 7 dunks the contest was pretty decent. Not great. Not bad. Just decent.

The problem with the Dunk contest is Stars don’t do it anymore. In the past 10 contests there has only been seven stars participate, are you telling me there aren’t 4 or 5 stars who can do nice dunks? If you can’t get them to compete put up a prize or do what you did the past two years and get young-athletic up and comers. The Last two years were amazing! Zach Lavine was destined for this game and Aaron Gordon was electrifying last year. The 2014 contest was an embarrassment to the league so we won’t speak on that. Before that notable contests were Blake Griffin “jumping over a car”, yes technically he did but it was the hood at an angle, not very impressive if you ask me. Then for the next five it was Nate Robinson vs. Dwight Howard with a mix of Gerald Green in there. Then we start getting into the real good ones. I’m glad they did away with fan voting. In my opinion fans shouldn’t have anything to do with anything. I don’t like fans picking winners just as much as I don’t like fans picking who is in the All Star game. The NBA has to do something to make the Dunk Contest great again and allowing guys to miss three times a round isn’t going to work for me.

If you’re still with me and read through my rambling thank you I appreciate it.

For the All Star game tonight I think the West will win and Russell Westbrook will be crowned MVP. I also think Russ and/or KD won’t pass to their former teammate and the media will make a big deal about it. Yes they don’t like each other but it’s the All Star game, no one is passing tonight. I haven’t been right yet this weekend though so we’ll see how it all plays out.


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