The East is Now Wide Open

With Kevin Love out until one week left in the season and Ibaka now on a team who can actually play, first in the East is up for grabs. The Celtics are two games behind the Cavs and have won 10 of their last 11, but the Raptors just became the clear cut better team. I’m torn with the Ibaka trade, as a Celtics fan every time a trade happens and the Celtics aren’t involved I fall into a deep depression. I saw two trades that the Magic offered to Boston and I’m not that mad that they didn’t go for it. Terry Rozier and a pick or Crowder and a pick, for a player that won’t be here next year I’m okay with passing up on Ibaka.

The Cavs are going to miss Love, a lot. More than most people think. Love averages 30 minutes a night and a double double with no real backup. I don’t see them finding a replacement with a week left until the trade deadline.

I still don’t believe in Toronto but this 100% makes them a better team. This trade makes them better than Boston and with Love out possibly better than the Cavs (probably not though).

Boston has fallen in love with their players and that’s not good. They won’t trade a Brooklyn pick, which I’m okay with, but they also think their whole roster is better than they are. Melo said he doesn’t think he’ll be moved so that’s not a good sign for that trade. The Magic traded Ibaka so they won’t be moving Vucevic. The Celtics need a defensive big or a wing scorer. Boston needs to go after either Nerlens Noel or Jahlil Okafor from Philly. Probably Noel and probably for a player like Smart and a late pick. The ideal trade that won’t happen is Paul George for Bradley, Zeller, Young and a pick.

If the Celtics make a move they’ll take first place, guaranteed. If not they might drop to third or fourth because Toronto is a matchup nightmare and the Wizards are unbeatable right now.


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