NBA All Star Snubs

I already told you who got snubbed in starter voting in the All Star game, now it’s time to tell you who isn’t on the team but should be. There are plenty of players who are talented enough to be on the teams but you need to remove players to add players. Starting in the West I only see two players who 100% can be replaced and they are Draymond Green and DeAndre Jordan.

Lets find Draymonds replacement first. Reigning Rookie of the Year Karl-Anthony Towns was snubbed. Yes I know, absolutely shocking. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is the All Star game your record shouldn’t matter. Just look at the stats people KAT- PPG 23, RPG 11.9, they have similar blocks and steals. Green PPG- 10.4, RPG 8.4 and he has a worse FG% and FT%. I don’t know what else there is to say, Towns is having a better season and the league should reward him.

It is DeAndre time. I have a conspiracy theory for this one. Jordan said he won’t compete in the Dunk Contest until he earns himself a trip to the All Star game. This year is going to be one of the worst Dunk Contest of all time rivaling the awful 2014 Contest when the league thought it was a good idea to try out teams. Ever hear of Derrick Jones Jr? Me either. He will be in the Dunk contest after playing only three games this year for the Suns, yes I’ve seen his highlights and he is a good dunker but we couldn’t find anyone who actually plays? Jordan is only in the All Star game so a big name will be in the Dunk Contest. He should be replaced with anyone, probably Lilliard or Aldridge.

To the East we go. Kristaps Porzingas should be in the game and I’ll replace him with Paul Milsap. I don’t think it is crazy to think Godzingas should be playing over Milsap. I love Milsap, I’m a big fan but the stats are what they are and Godzingas is putting up better numbers. I will die before I admit that a teams record should be used to decide if a player makes it to the All Star game.

This last pick was the easiest player to pick and the hardest player to remove. The East needs another big. That big is Joel Embiid. This kid is an animal. I don’t like that he is still considered a Rookie, to me your Rookie year is the year you get drafted and that’s it. I don’t care that you were hurt. With that being said Joel will get Rookie of the Year. Who gets bumped from the team though? I’m going with Kemba and it hurts me to say it. I loved him at UCONN and this is his first time being chosen but Joel deserves it more. It came down to removing Kemba or Wall but Wall is just having a better year.


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