Projected Playoffs in the East

Will this be the year Lebron is dethroned in the playoffs? No idea, I hate doing playoff predictions. I do like to make assumptions on who will be in the playoffs though. This is using current rosters, and assuming no serious injuries happen.

1. The Cavaliers will be the 1 seed, no way they continue to play as bad as they’ve been playing. At some point in the next few weeks they’ll turn it around. That roster is incapable underperforming for 40+ games.

2. Boston is on a five game winning streak and Thomas is playing out of his mind. I’m giving him the crown as the new Allen Iverson. A big claim I know but I think it fits. The Celtics have solid starters outside of Thomas and a great young core.

3. This one i’m a little unsure of. I think the Wizards land here. They are 9-1 in their last 10, now just like the Cavs won’t play poorly forever the Wizards will stop winning so much. I had a little trouble picking Washington over Toronto because I think Toronto is more talented but Beal and Wall seem to be playing better together and that’s a problem for the league.

4. The Raptors, putting my dislike of Drake aside I think land at number 4. No doubt a good team but I don’t believe in them. I didn’t buy into the preseason hype and I don’t buy it now but I do think they could be good. Really good.

5. Indiana gets the 5 spot. This is a solid team who needs to strengthen their bench. They’re not as good as they were a few years ago but Teague, Jefferson and George on one team plus Ellis and Turner is a very good starting point. This could be a very scary team if they can put it all together.

6. I don’t like the Hawks, I don’t believe in the Hawks but the East is weak on the back end. Not much to say about them, just an average team among a lot of bad teams.

Now we’re at the part of the list that several teams could get. The last two spots are up for grabs and it’s just a mess down here.

7. I’m going to have to go with Chicago. The Bulls are currently imploding but this pick is based solely on talent. They’re the only team left with actual proven star power.

8. I’m going to end the list with the Bucks but I wouldn’t be surprised if Miami or Philly got in here. I’ve just got a feeling about this team. They have potential and are a strong, young team. I think they have the best shot at the final spot in the East.


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