NBA All Star Starter Snubs

With the All Star game coming up lets take a look at who didn’t get to start but probably should have.

Starting in the East, Kyrie over Isaiah. This one is pretty straight forward, Kyrie is the bigger name and on the better team. Isaiah is putting up better numbers while playing slightly less minutes. Even though “The King in the 4th” is doing better this year he got shafted. Quick disclaimer, I know Kyrie  is better that’s not the point.

I won’t get into how only having two big men on their team – Kevin Love, Paul Milsap – is about as dumb as it gets so we’ll move on.

Over in the West, Russell Westbrook is having a career year but also riding the pine. He’s an MVP candidate who is averaging a triple double and isn’t starting, which is a shame. Harden should be starting so that leaves Curry. Steph is the reigning MVP so it’s not shocking he’s starting, that’s if Russ wasn’t killing him in almost every stat. I don’t see how there could possibly be any debate here, Westbrook got screwed.

Demarcus Cousins is the last player who should be starting that I haven’t mentioned. Slightly harder of a case to make. Davis should be a starter so that leaves Leonard and Durant as the odd men out. What we have to do now is decide between the two who should be starting. To me it’s not even close, gotta start Durant. They have pretty similar numbers but Durant edges Kawhi out. So why is Leonard starting over Cousins? Leonard is on the better team and Cousins is sort of the bad boy of the league blah blah blah. Look at the relevant stats, Cousins averages more points, rebounds, assists and blocks. Yes he’s a Center so he should have more RPG and BPG, i’m ignoring that aspect because it’s the All Star game and positions aren’t really a thing. I mean look at the Easts roster. People may argue match up problems but the East has two PF/C while the West has five, there is going to be issues anyway. Cousins deserves to start but I think he deserves much more respect in the league and from NBA fans, too.

This isn’t the MVP race so your teams record shouldn’t play a factor and in my opinion it clearly does. The three players who i think should be starting but aren’t also happen to be on the team with the worse record compared to who is starting over them, can’t be a coincidence. I know the fans play a part in who should start, I’ll put it simply, they shouldn’t. There are also a few players who didn’t make the teams that should’ve. Trust me I know, I’ll get into that another time.

I’m also intrigued that the East hasn’t announced a coach yet, it’ll probably be Lue. I’d rather see Stevens there.



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