Almost halfway through the NBA season who will win the MVP? After talking to a few people the majority have said Harden. I’m starting to come around to that conclusion as well but Westbrook is putting up unbelievable numbers and averaging a triple-double. I know that the Standings play a role but I tend to favor the individual stats more.

My top 4 would be Westbrook, Harden, Durant and Thomas. In that order.

Westbrook: PPG 30.8, RPG 10.6, APG 10.2 (6th in the West.)

Harden: PPG 28.8, RPG 8.2, APG 11.5 (3rd in the West.)

Durant: PPG 26.3, RPG 8.4, APG 4.7 (1st in the West.)

Thomas: PPG 29.1, RPG 2.8, APG 6.3 (2nd in the East.)

For now Westbrook is my MVP but if the season ended today Harden would win. This isn’t like when Rose beat out Lebron, I would understand either Harden or Westbrook winning it.


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