76ers Turn Down Cavs

Cavaliers GM Lebron James reached out to the 76ers and was promptly turned down. I want to be as objective as possible, BUT I love when Lebron doesn’t get his way. Rumor has it Cleveland is having a tough time getting that play maker Lebron wants because they gave their 2017 First Round Pick to the Hawks for a shooter they didn’t need.

They wanted T.J. McConnell which i kind of understand. He’s capable but he’s not that great. The Cavs want someone who can dribble the ball to take pressure off of Lebron and Kyrie. I think the Cavs can do better, and I don’t think it has to be by a trade. I’m also not on the Nate Robinson hype train either, I love Nate but they can do better.

I think the Cavs should sign Lebrons old teammate Mario Chalmers. It just makes sense. Here’s what we know. The Cavs have no draft picks this year, they don’t have many players that they’re willing to part with that other teams want, they need a backup PG and their biggest competition signed Kevin Durant in the off-season. They won’t sign Chalmers because Lebron and him have “beef” though.

I honestly have no idea what they’ll end up doing. Maybe try to get one of the Timberwolves four capable PGs? We’ll see.


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