Does the East Have a Chance?

In short, no. The Cavs will go to another Finals most likely against the Warriors again but lets ignore the West. There are three maybe four good teams in the East not including the Cavaliers, none of which have beaten the Cavs. Yes the Hawks haven’t played them yet but lets be honest, they’re not going to beat them.

The Celtics and the Raptors have the best chance but it saddens me to say they’d both probably get swept. I do think the Celtics match up better and might be able to beat the Cavs in the playoffs if the situation is right.

Boston and Toronto are both tied for 2nd in the East but the Celtics are 0-2 ¬†against the Raptors. Lets say Boston ends in second place in the East and make it to the Conference Finals against Cleveland. They need to make a trade and make it now, but for who? There are talks about a deal including Magic big man Vucevic. I don’t love the trade, I’d prefer to see Cousins in a Celtics jersey but that’s not happening.

The Celtics are the Easts only hope to stopping Lebron and if Vucevic is the only trade they make, barring any Cleveland injuries, they have no shot. Basically what i’m saying is the East is doomed until Lebron retires.


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