Update: Melo Trade Talks

With CP3 having an injured thumb the Clippers are reluctant to trade two of their guards – Reddick, Crawford and Rivers – I do need to correct myself on my last post, apparently the Clips will trade Crawford but the Knicks don’t want to take on his contract and have begun looking for a third team. The Knicks are still trying to trade Melo to the Cavs but have eased up on their original offer.

Would Melo want to come off the bench in Cleveland though or would the Cavs shake up the starting lineup?

With a third team in the mix it seems more likely that Melo will end up as a Clipper, but who would that third team be? Is it crazy to think that Cleveland could end up being the third team? Cavs GM Lebron James said that he wants another play maker on his team, could Crawford be that play maker?

A trade that benefits all parties could be something like this: Melo to LA, Crawford to Cleveland, Smith Johnson and Pierce to NY. This is complete speculation but this could work and make everyone happy. Melo gets out of NY, Lebron gets another play maker and the Knicks get rid of Melo.

Who do you think the third team will be? Leave a comment below.


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