Shots Fired in Chicago

There’s trouble brewing in paradise, and that paradise is in Chicago. The team has lost three of their last five and after losing to the Hawks 119-114 Wednesday Wade had something to say about the teams recent performance “I can look at Jimmy and say Jimmy is doing his job. I think Jimmy can look at me and say Dwyane is doing his job I don’t know if we can keep going down the line and be able to say that.”

Rondo, who’s had his own troubles this season, took offense and responded via Instagram on Thursday “My vets would never go to the media. They would come to the team. My vets didn’t pick and choose when they wanted to bring it.” he’s referring to when he was on the Celtics in 2008. At the time he was a young player just like most of the current Bulls roster. He ended his post by saying “If anything is questionable, it’s the leadership.”

What does this mean for the Bulls? For a team that is a game under .500 and barely in the playoffs this can’t be good. This might be the opening for a team like the 76ers who are six games behind the Bulls and have won five of their last six to sneak into the playoffs.


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