Melo Trade Talks

It’s pretty much guaranteed that Melo is gone before the Trade Deadline this year, or is it? After a few days of shopping him around Phil Jackson has been turned down by the Cavs and the Celtics. Unless someone offers the Knicks something good Melo will be going to the Clippers for basically nothing. The best part is even if a team like Minnesota offered Wiggins and Towns, Melo can still say no because of his No-Trade clause.

Looking at Phils track record with trades he doesn’t always get the best return and this situation is more of the same. Rumor is the Knicks aren’t looking to get CP3, Griffin or even Jordan back on the return. Phil is sick of Melo, Melo is sick of Phil.

Now that we know where Melo is going, who are the Knicks getting in return? My best guess is the Clippers won’t give up Reddick or Crawford. So to make the money work they’ll have to trade Austin Rivers, now the question is will Doc trade his son away? I don’t think so. For arguments sake lets say he will. They’d also have to throw in Pierce, Johnson and Mbah a Moute. Either this or keep Austin and trade basically the rest of their team.

Unless the Knicks are willing to throw money in so that the Clippers don’t have to trade as many players away this trade isn’t happening. I think Phil might just throw some money in though and if he does that there’s no telling who the Clippers will send over.

With that being said, if Melo is traded before the deadline I don’t think it’ll be to the Clippers. There’s not many teams Melo will remove his No-Trade clause for either. Maybe the Bulls will take him, with what is going on in Chicago right now it’s possible but who is Chicago sending? Seems more like the Knicks are ending the year with Melo the more you look into the options.


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